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Uncover the hidden stories which drive market prices to turn the tables on Wall Street insiders!

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What's in a 'Story' Trade?

'Story' trading is about discovering the hidden stories that drive market price action. This means considering investor sentiment and catalysts, in addition to more standard measures of technicals and fundamentals, to capture the net opinion of market participants.

StoryTrading leverages the wisdom of the crowd to uncover these hidden stories and outfox Wall Street insiders at their own game!

The StoryTrading App

Our app is an evolution of our success as a member-driven trading network that allows users to discover, collaborate, and validate market-moving information with their peers.

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Crowdsourced Research

Our app facilitates crowdsourcing of market-moving "nuggets" of information not typically found in news feeds, such as channel checks, product updates, and conversations with management.

The backgrounds, perspectives, and in-depth fact-based research by StoryTrading's contributors have proven invaluable to my investing decisions.”

Steve M.
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Social Collaboration

Turn the tables on Wall Street insiders by leveraging the wisdom of the crowd through peer-to-peer learning, discovery, and interactions that make our app fun, social, and rewarding.

I love interacting with other traders, sharing trading ideas, and combining our efforts for better impact."

Joe S.

Data Visualizations

Our app is able to view key moments in time by combining investor sentiment, market catalysts, technicals, and fundamentals to uncover the story behind the trade.

StoryTrading charts reveal validated market-moving information to help me make better trading decisions."

Josh R.


Our VIP Community

Join our VIP community today and collaborate with high-value contributors and influencers for an added edge. We even host CEOs of publicly traded companies to speak to us on a regular basis!

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