TherapeuticsMD (TXMD) Research Group Now Open

Contributions from anonymous Group Leader

StoryTrading has opened the TXMD Research Group to collaborate on the company. Recently, StoryTrading collaborators have profited greatly from long awaited fruition of several other covered stocks, including Smith Micro (SMSI), Tech Precision (TPCS), and Zynex Medical (ZYXI). With the opening of the TXMD Research Group, numerous investors within the group see similar growth opportunities.

Here are some nuggets already shared by group leaders:

  • There are very detailed slide decks on their website about all 3 drugs and TAM and project revs at different market shares and price levels. Magic happens as revenues ramp in the 50- 100 million range with high growth and good gross margins.
  • 1% of contraception market of 25 million women US is 250000 x 1800 = 450 million.
  • 1800 is Annovera ring price vs Merck Nuvaring price of around 2100 annual cost with 13 scripts a year every 4 weeks.
    Or 10% of Nuvaring patients leave Merck that’s 1,200,000 x .10= 120000 women
    120000x 1800= 216,000,000.
  • 636 million market cap seems low. Once they cover the 40 million plus burn rate for each quarter it will be crazy. High gross margins on product.
  • The ring should be covered under ACA as a new 19 class of birth control with no generic as a first annual ring. 10 states with 25% of women additionally mandate immediate no Co pay coverage for each class with no generic in class and 9 more states with a copay allowed. Slow insurance adoption is a nonissue. Plus 19 class gets them 50 million more in debt to use by year end with 50 million more for doing 12 million in q4 revs. Med d comes on around October and really helps the numbers on imvexxy the VVA drug.
  • There were only 400 shares available to short at end of yesterday it could get interesting quick. With 84,000,000 short or 241 million and 97% plus owned by insiders and tutes. With the 10 day insider buy window opening today.
  • 84 million plus short of around 241 million outstanding

Join us in the TXMD Research Group to collaborate today!

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