Room Rules

Please respect the below rules to remain part of our community:
Introduce yourself when you enter a room for the first time.
Respect all ideas – absolutely no personal attacks.
 Political conversation should be avoided. Disparaging or insulting comments towards any major political party, political figure, or their supporters will not be tolerated.
 Keep the conversation focused on the ticker of the room. Off-topic conversations should be in the ‘Main Lounge’ or in ‘Money Matters’ rooms.
 No pumping of stocks.
 Do not promote other services, paid or free without permission.
 Do not coordinate your trades with others in the group. Such activity could be deemed illegal by the SEC.
 Use the “private reply” function for extended debates or to air out disagreements.
  Unauthorized sharing of content from 🔒confidential rooms will result in permanent removal from the  StoryTrading network without warning.