OneSoft Solutions (OSSIF) Research Group Now Open

Written by Group Leader, ‘LP’

StoryTrading has opened the OSSIF Research Group to collaborate on OneSoft Solutions Inc. Recently, StoryTrading collaborators have profited greatly from long awaited fruition of several other covered stocks, including Smith Micro (SMSI), Tech Precision (TPCS), and Zynex Medical (ZYXI). With the initiation of a OneSoft Solutions research group, numerous investors within the group see similar growth opportunities.

OneSoft Solutions Inc (OSSIF) is an SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) innovator focusing on revolutionizing the Oil & Gas pipeline industry using predictive algorithms and big data to predict and prevent pipeline failures more effectively and at a lower cost than legacy solutions. This service is delivered by OneBridge, a wholly owned subsidiary.

Historically, pipeline integrity management groups would use Pipeline Interventions Gadgets (PIGs) to move through the pipeline and compile data into excel spreadsheets. Engineers would then manually evaluate the data, in a process usually taking months, and prone to human error. OneBridge’s main product is Content Integrity Management (CIM) software. Through this solution, OneBridge uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to accelerate the data analytics. The value of this leverage has been noted in numerous pilot trials saving customers millions in cleanup costs and environmental fines.

Currently, there are an estimated 2,700,000 miles of liquid and natural gas pipelines throughout the US. This represents approximately 60% of the global market. OneSoft has an estimated 51,000 miles of this total currently operating under its SAAS recurring revenue model. The first target market for OneSoft will be the ~660,000 miles of piggable pipelines, with future growth into the potential non piggable infrastructure.

Pricing for the service currently averages near $100USD/mile/year. The growth in adoption of the CIM solutions resulted in over 400% revenue growth YoY for 2018. Current clients include 4 Fortune 500 O&G companies and 1 Super-Major O&G company. With over 90% gross margins on the recurring revenue stream, OSSIF has tremendous operating leverage to grow the bottom line. As OneSoft rolls out additional functionality into its CIM software, pricing per mile should increase. The increase in pricing and the further adoption of this solution by other customers present a great growth opportunity for investors.

The StoryTrading OneSoft Solutions Inc Research Group has already begun the deep dive into the company, its addressable market, and the opportunity ahead. If you’re interested in contributing to this collaborative research approach on a company just at its inflection point, please consider joining the group and introducing yourself.

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