Labor Day – Market Closed

There won't be a Weekly Meetup this week. Trade of the week competition will still be circulated in the WhatsApp VIP rooms. Good luck!

VIP Happy Hour!

Open chats with your peers on Trade of the Week picks, VIP Picks, and any other topic! Our founder, Ben, will be on PTO - and will not be attending this event - but VIP members can initiate the zoom meeting without him. Good luck trading!

Weekly Meetup: Ashleigh Day on RKLY

Ashleigh's VIP Pick of AEHR is one of our best ever. His research on AEHR, led him to RKLY. Tune in on Sunday to learn more. You don't want to miss this! Become a VIP here to attend this live event. VIPs will have exclusive access to the recoding for 7 calendar days.

After a 500% Pop in AEHR? What’s Next? Discussion with Mark Gomes

After a while 500% gain in AEHR in two months, our founder, Ben Rabizadeh, will have a lively discussion with Mark Gomes tonight at 9pm EST on the following topics: 1. Timing the exit of AEHR 2. Fair Value vs Market Value 3. Allocations 4. Where to deploy profits from AEHR Additionally, StoryTrading will reveal […]

Happy Hour

Open chat on Zoom with your colleagues. Our founder, Ben Rabizadeh, unfortunately won't be able to attend this week's event.

VTSI Update by Todd Goodwin

StoryTrading contributor Todd Goodwin visited VTSI headquarters recently with another StoryTrading colleague - James Ticknor. Tune in to this exclusive event to hear what they learned!

VIP Pick by Atticus Analysis

This week at a special Monday night session, we will hear from our newest contributor, Atticus Analysis, on a new VIP Pick. This pick has already been teased to our chat community since September 27th and is already up 16% Find out more about this stock and how high it can go! This is a […]

Special: TPCS Rebuttal of Seeking Alpha Article

StoryTrading VIP Pick, TPCS, was the subject of a short article on Seeking Alpha this morning. Incredibly, one of the reasons for the bearishness, is simply because this is a popular stock on social media due to it's StoryTrading VIP Pick status! Live on Zoom for all today at 1pm EST will be StoryTrading contributor, […]

Update on VIP Pick Dario Health (DRIO) After Major Contract Win

This is what we've been waiting for! DRIO is the only active VIP Pick by our founder, Ben Rabizadeh. This was initially chosen at $7 in our community prior to VIP Pick tracking, tracked as a VIP Pick starting at $12.40 on 8/2/20 and subsequently rose to the $30s The stock pulled back since then […]

Live Update from LD Micro!

Contributor James Ticknor is on the ground at LD Micro in Los Angeles and will be giving the StoryTrading community a live update on Zoom. Find out what stocks everyone is excited about and more! Watch the event live here.