Earnings Nuggets on TPCS

Below are some valuable nuggets and thoughts on TPCS from a Research Group contributor. You can join the TPCS Research Group here.

•TPCS last earnings report with net income of $538,000 was on June 27th just three days before the end of next quarter.

•From the week before earnings to the week after earnings TPCS increased over 30 percent in value.

•During the conference call, CEO Alex Shen stated, “We expect to operate at or above current levels during the next physical year.”

•Alex Shen also stated on the call, “The opportunities we are actively pursuing for the next 24 months are well over 5 times our revenue, somewhere in the $100 million range give or take.”

•Anyone who has followed Alex Shen during his tenure knows he is very conservative and under promises and over delivers.

•This leads me to believe that the report coming up around August 13th should be as good or better than what was reported on June 27th. My vote is better.

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