Breaking: SMSI Resolves App Issue

In a follow up to this post explaining why SMSI shares dropped towards the end of June, our SMSI Research Group has been hard at work uncovering new nuggets. SMSI management indicated they would provide an app update towards the “end of July” and indications are they are about to deliver. 

This morning, the Google Play SafePath app was updated with the resolution to the map issue which customers were complaining about. This app update has not made it’s way over to Sprint’s white-label version but with the release of this SafePath update, we can expect the update will reach Safe & Found in the coming days as well. This is a significant development to counter the bear argument that management and the app development team is unreliable. 

Our group is also closely monitoring App Rankings for Safe & Found on both Sprint and Boost and indications are that business continues to grow. Infact, Safe & Found on Google hit a new one month high today:

SMSI management appears committed to delivering a top app experience for their customers. Infact, they’ve been on a hiring spree over the past few months and many believe it’s to prepare rolling out another white-label product for a new T1 customer. Check out their job listings here.

The Storytrading SMSI Research Group is on the cutting edge of research for this stock. Infact, members in our group own 8 million shares of the stock and it’s become the #1 place for shareholders to debate bear and bull ideas with each other. Our group now has 234 members and we will be maxing out participation at 256. Join today before the last spot is taken!

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