StoryTrading Partners with FS Vector to Establish Guidelines for Ethical Collaboration

–Guidelines Demonstrate Moral Commitment to Community of Investors and Traders–

–New Platform Adheres to Strong Values When Making Sense of Financial Markets–


NEW YORK (July 28, 2021) – StoryTrading, a new social investing platform that helps individual investors and traders by understanding the story behind the trade, today announced it has partnered with fintech strategic advisory firm FS Vector to establish Guidelines for Ethical Collaboration among those who join the StoryTrading community.

The guidelines lay the ground rules for all users of the StoryTrading platform, including employees, contributors, presenters, and third-parties to ensure ethical collaboration and outline StoryTrading’s policies on insider trading, frontrunning, low float and pump-and-dump tactics, and disclosing relationships or conflicts of interest.

“StoryTrading is building a community of ethical collaborators, empowering individual investors, both beginners and seasoned traders alike, to turn the tables on Wall Street insiders who game the system only to benefit themselves,” said Ben Rabizadeh, founder and CEO of StoryTrading. “The growing influence and success of our platform is dependent on ethics and credibility, and partnering with FS Vector demonstrates StoryTrading’s commitment to a code of conduct where trust and honesty are paramount values.”

StoryTrading’s Guidelines on Ethical Collaboration arrive at a time when investors and traders seek more confidence and transparency in capital markets, as Wall Street’s reputation remains shrouded in decades of scandal and unethical behavior. At the same time, financial services companies like Robinhood are facing allegations of “gamifying” investing and having conflicts of interest in their business models. 

“The capital markets are notoriously opaque when it comes to trading activity, and StoryTrading is a unique and powerful platform that upholds high ethical standards to help its community of traders and investors demystify markets,” said Trevor Tanifum, principal at FS Vector, which is based in Washington, DC. “As StoryTrading continues to gain traction, we are proud to partner with a company that values ethics and transparency, which will ultimately enhance the long-term success and strength of the platform.” 

StoryTrading integrates crowdsourced research with institutional and alternative market data to help investors discover “nuggets” of information and easy-to-grasp visualizations of the factors influencing a stock, including fundamentals, technicals, catalysts and sentiment. The app’s crowdsourced data points may include channel checks, the scrubbing of news releases and SEC files, conversations with management teams and investors, among other sources of information that contribute to a stock’s story.

StoryTrading’s Guidelines for Ethical Collaboration are available here. The company invites those interested in turning the tables on Wall Street elites to sign up for the private beta launch of the mobile app at

About StoryTrading

StoryTrading is a social investing platform that makes sense of the stock market by crowdsourcing research from investors to understand the hidden story behind the trade. The platform turns the table on Wall Street insiders by empowering individual investors, who lack the resources of hedge fund managers and other institutions, to make more informed decisions about buying and selling stocks. StoryTrading is a place to discover, collaborate, and validate market-moving information. Through crowdsourced research, social collaboration and easy-to-understand holistic data visualizations, StoryTrading democratizes information that helps investors make smarter trades. Investors interested in turning the tables on Wall Street insiders are invited to sign up for the private beta launch by visiting

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FS Vector is a Washington DC-based fintech advisory firm that advises clients on business strategy, regulatory, compliance, technology, and public policy matters. The firm’s clients include fintech companies, banks, blockchain firms, regtech providers, and investors. Learn more at

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